Services for WPS Panther Tunnel Dryer

Panther Tunnel Dryers Service | Spare Parts

Services for WPS Panther Tunnel Dryer

Service Contracts

The Tunnel Dryer is a key part of the Screen or Digital Printers business, do you want peace of mind that if something happens to your dryer that it can be quickly brought back to service. We offer a range of Services for WPS Panther Tunnel Dryer contracts to suit every budget.   We also offer a dryer rental service.  Please contact us for details.


The WPS Panther Tunnel Dryers are built to last, to get the best out of your investment it is always worth servicing your dryer on a regular basis. Available for all dryer models.

Light Use – Every 24 months

Medium Use – Every 18 months (if you are using your tunnel to dry DTG inks (especially if using pre treat) you should consider annual servicing

Heavy Use – Every 12 months

We can service your dryer for you, this includes :-

  • Replacing Dryer Motor brushes
  • Cleaning out extractor and control box fans
  • Clean out lint from inside the dryer
  • External clean
  • Swap out any broken elements

For pricing or to book a dryer service please email sales or phone 01614426555

Need Spare Parts for your WPS Panther Tunnel Dryer?

We stock all of the common spares for WPS Panther Tunnel Dryers, the range is available for online purchase.

Spares Include

  • Heating Elements and Thermocouples
  • Digital Temperature Controllers
  • Motors, Brushes and Controllers
  • Belts
  • Misc (switches, cables etc)

If you require any assistance in choosing the right parts please contact us

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