WPS Panther 8230

WPS Panther 8230

Like the 8220 Texitunnel the 8230 Texitunnel has been very popular with printers who use 2 hand carousels or have an automatic carousel printing mainly plastisol prints on t-shirts at rates of about 600+ t-shirts per hour.

It will also dry and fix waterbased inks like “Texiscreen” in 1 pass at rates of 150 to 300 shirts per hour depending upon the print area.This is fast enough for a hand printer printing water based inks. The 8230 has heating elements that are 50% wider (78cm) than the 8220 model. This makes it easier to use with large pieces.

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Length – Overall 3.8 metres (Inlet 75cm / Tunnel 218cm / Outlet 80cm)

Width – Maximum 114cm / Tunnel (outside) 105cm / Transportband 90cm and Heaters 78cm

Electrical – 3 phase (380 volts / KW (total) 20 kw / Average power use per phase per hour 4.4 kw / Max power requirements per phase 30 amps

Belt Speed in m/min – 0.6 to 6.0

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