WPS Panther 8240

WPS Panther 8240

The 8240 Texitunnel is popular with printers who use 2 hand carousels or have an automatic carousel printing mainly plastisol prints on t-shirts at rates of about 700+ t-shirts or large garments per hour.It will also dry and fix waterbased inks like “Texiscreen” in 1 pass at rates of 150 to 300 shirts per hour depending upon the print area. The 8230 has heating elements that are 104cm  making  it ideal for  to use with large pieces.

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wps-8240-panther-tunnel-dryerLength – Overall 3.8 metres (Inlet 75cm / Tunnel 218cm / Outlet 80cm)

Width – Maximum 114cm / Tunnel (outside) 105cm / Transportband 1200cm and Heaters 104cm

Electrical – 3 phase (380 volts / KW (total) 27 kw / Average power use per phase per hour 6.0 kw / Max power requirements per phase 41 amps

Belt Speed in m/min – 0.6 to 6.0

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