WPS Panther 700W Dryer

WPS Panther 700W

The 700W Panther Dryer has 78cm wide heating elements, 50% wider than the 700 Dryer. The inlet and outlet are also longer making it easier to handle larger pieces.

Ideal for printing companies that print cut pieces of material with prints bigger than 50cm.


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Length – Overall 2.4 metres (Inlet 59cm / Tunnel 109cm / Outlet 33cm)

Width – Maximum with control box on the side 117cm  / Tunnel (outside) 97cm / Transportband 90cm and Heaters 78cm

Electrical – available as 1 or 3 phase (380 volts / KW (total) 7.4 kw / Average power use per phase per hour 1.6 kw / Max power requirements per phase 11 amps

Belt Speed in m/min – 0 to 6


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