WPS Mini Dryer

WPS Mini Dryer

WPS Mini Dryer – a compact small dryer ideal for printers using manual tabletop or small floor standing carousels, designed for fit in to small workshops / garages and easy to transport.  Reliable  cost effective dryer.

  • Ideal when using ‘Plastisol Inks’ Great for T Shirts / Hoodies / Work clothes and many other substrates.
  • Can cure up to 250 garments per hour (Plastisol ink)
  • 50% more heating elements that the original WPS dryer
  • Two passes required for heat cured water based inks
  • Available in Single Phase power

for the standard mini a 32amp connection is required, however we can provide a 16amp and 13amp version which can be upgraded at a later date if power is limited.  Please note curing performance is significantly reduced.

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  • wps-mini-panther-tunnel-dryer-2Length – Overall 1.6 metres (inlet 42cm / Tunnel 80cm / Outlet 38cm)
  • Width – Maximum with control box on the side 81.5 cm / Tunnel (outside) 67cm / Belt Width 60 cm and Heaters 51.5 cm
  • Electrical – available as Single Phase 220 / 240V at 20 amps
  • Belt Speed in m / min – 0.2 – 2.8 metres


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