WPS Panther 700L Dryer

WPS  Panther 700L Dryer

The WPS  Panther 700L Dryer  is based on the 700 dryer but with heating elements 50% longer making it about 60% faster than the 700 when in normal use :-

Highly efficient t-shirt dryer suitable for any medium size t-shirt printing company using plastisol and waterbased printing inks.    Good for t-shirts, sweatshirts, working clothes, umbrellas and many more substrates. Ideal tunnel dryer for digital printers including popular DTG printers such as Resolute, Viper DTG, Anajet and Brother

  • Suitable for curing (plastisol inks)  up to 700 garments per hour
  • Suitable for curing air drying waterbased inks up to 700 garments per hour
  • Suitable for curing Digitally printers waterbased inks 100 (dark garments per hour, with heavy white) and 120 (light garments)
  • For heat cured water based inks 100 – 150 garments per hour

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Length  – Overall 2.8 metres  (Inlet 70cm / Tunnel 159cm / Outlet 51cm). Compact version 2.5 metres long also available.

Width – Maximum with control box on the side 97cm / maximum with control box on the top 92cm / Tunnel (outside) 77cm / Transportband 70cm and Heaters 51.5cm

Electrical –  3 phase (380 volts / KW (total) 10.2 kw / Average power use per phase per hour 2.3 kw / Max power requirements per phase 16 amps

Belt Speed in m/min – 0.4 to 4.2


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