Replacement K49 Temperature Controller

£181.00 Ex VAT

Replacement K49 Temperature Controller for old Panther Dryers also suitable for Art2screen and Wicked Printing Stuff Old Dryers



Suitable for older 700 / 700W / 700L / 700LW/ 8000 series and Mini tunnel dryers. Please note the standard configuration is applied for a dryer configured with a Solid State Relay, if your dryer is using a mechanical relay (some Mini dryer and old Panther dryers) please let us know as the controller needs to be configured prior to shipping.

K49 can be used to replace analog CAL temperature controllers as used in Panther machines typically built before 2001

K49 can also be used to replace temperature controller on Wicked Printing Stuff and Art2screen print dryers.

Please call use prior to purchasing to ensure correct product is selected.
Wiring instructions included.