WPS Flash Dryer

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WPS Flash Dryer – Ideal for home and workshop conditions. 2500 Watt Flash Dryer with a 16″ x 18″ drying area. Steel Powder Coated 40mm x 40mm box tubing base with 4 castors for easy mobility. Cross design to allow the heating head to rotate 360degrees without toppling over. Has a chrome neck which allows the head to be fixed in different heights whether you are printing on a coffee table or floor standing carousel. It will dry plastisol ink in 10 seconds and completely cure in 60 seconds.

Key Features

• Adjustable height, has fixed castors for easy mobility, 3 metre power cable – 13amp fuse which is twin earthed for safety
• Fully galvanised head to prevent rusting, weight 14kgs (including stand)

As a precautionary measure, once the unit has been switched on, it must not be left unattended and must not be used without adult supervision as the heating element becomes very hot.
Set the distance from the heating platen about half an inch.

Place a t-shirt on the platen, take a reading using an infrared laser thermometer of the garment, this will give you the correct heat reading on the garment. It usually takes plastisol inks approx 10 seconds to dry and 60 seconds to fully cure.

Please note that the WPS Flash Dryer is a constant heat device it does not have any thermostatic control. It is only suitable for adult use and it must be supervised at all times. Do not leave unattended.

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Weight 14 kg