WPS Panther 700LWX Tunnel Dryer

WPS Texitunnel 700LWX Range. The most versatile Tunnel Dryer available in the UK market. Ideal for Manual,  Automatic (small carousels) Screen Printers, Fabric Printers and DTG Printers. Available in Three Phase Power only.

With a 120cm wide belt it can cure two garments simultaneously. Therefore increasing through put and curing efficiency. Made by WPS in the UK.


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WPS Panther 700LWX tunnel dryer is based on the 700W dryer but with heating elements 50% longer making it about 60% faster than the 700 when in normal use. The 700LWX comes with 120cm wide belt allowing you to cure two garments simultaneously or wider substrates :-

Highly efficient t-shirt dryer suitable for any medium size t-shirt printing company using plastisol and waterbased printing inks. Good for t-shirts, sweatshirts, working clothes, umbrellas and many more substrates. Ideal tunnel dryer for digital printers including popular DTG printers such as Resolute, Viper DTG, Anajet and Brother. Includes two variable speed extractors to reduce fumes – ideal for DTG and Waterbased Inks Screen Printers.

  • Suitable for curing (plastisol inks) up to 700 garments per hour
  • Suitable for curing air drying waterbased inks up to 700 garments per hour
  • Suitable for curing Digitally printers waterbased inks 100 (dark garments per hour, with heavy white) and 120 (light garments)
  • For heat cured water based inks 100 – 150 garments per hour

WPS Panther 700LWX tunnel dryer specifications

  • Length – Overall 3 metres (Inlet 70cm / Tunnel 159cm / Outlet 51cm)
  • Width – Maximum with control box on the side 127cm / maximum with control box on the top 92cm / Tunnel (outside) 97cm / Belt Width 120cm and Heaters 78cm
  • Electrical – 3 phase (380 volts / KW (total) 15.3 kw / Average power use per phase per hour 3.4 kw / Max power requirements per phase 28 amps (needs 32 amp three phase connect)
  • Belt Speed in m/min – 0.4 to 4.2 (see can be set as per your requirements)

Made by WPS in the UK. Available for export. Please contact us for delivery / installation pricing sales@inkandsolvents.co.uk 01614426555.